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Indian Visa for Pakistani Origins

If you are citizen of UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other country but Pakistani origion background than we can help you to get India Visa within few weeks.
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Who are the people of Pakistani origins?

According to Indian government’s definition Pakistani origin people are: whose parents or grandparents were citizen of Pakistan after partition of India. Even if you hold only one country citizenship and never been to Pakistan but origin comes from parents and grandparents.

I am Pakistani origin and can I get India visa?

Yes, You can definitely get visa for India. India offer regular visa for citizen of Pakistan and Pakistani origins.

What is difference between regular India visa and India e visa??

India e visa is mainly online visa process that includes applicants to apply visa online and receive their visa by email. India regular visa is half online and half manual process. Regular visa required customer to fill online application and then appear for visa interview with Indian visa officials.

If you need India visa then please call us on 0203 667 2700 / 0786 751 7693 or Whats up +447867517693

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